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Our way of doing things

 The accommodation day starts at 16:00. At that time, the room can be used at the latest, but you can always ask if your room is already ready.
 The reception is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., even longer if necessary. At other times, you can reach us by calling tel. 044 777 0676. Please note that text messages and emails are not forwarded to the operator on duty
 Payment is made in the online store or when the customer arrives also by invoicing in advance or otherwise as agreed. Cash, bank cards, MobilePay and the most common credit cards are used as payment methods. We charge a reservation fee for larger reservations. Invoicing works per company according to the agreement. The billing surcharge is €5.
 The rooms are handed over by 12 noon, unless otherwise agreed. You can leave the keys in the mailbox inside the front door.
 The apartments are intended for independent use, i.e. When living, everyone is responsible for their cleanliness in their own way, as long as they leave them basic clean when they leave. Beds should not be made when the sheets are changed anyway. There are bins for different waste in the backyard.
 No smoking inside. The smoking area is near the front door on the park side or in the yard of the opposite hostel. You can take a nap there in peace, i.e. no stairs. Smoking in the room will result in a €200 cleaning fee.
 Tollokku in everything during the day and the same peace of sleep, i.e. silence, starts at 10 pm and preferably until 8 am. The walls of the old house are not very thick.
We comply with the general contract terms of the industry.
 These terms and conditions, which entered into force on March 1, 2011, have been drawn up by Matkailu- ja Ravintolapalvelut MaRa ry and checked by the consumer representative.
Guest books
 You can leave greetings, twigs and roses, poems, tips or just moods in the guest book reserved for each room. You can get sticky notes in a smaller notebook.
Food services
At the hotel, the price includes breakfast during the summer. You can order a breakfast basket for the hostel separately. In summer and for larger orders, breakfast is from the buffet. If necessary, the dining room can be used for various group meals or events. You should agree on them separately with the hostesses. Marja's studios do not offer breakfast.
 Wireless connection works in the hotel and hostel.
 The service is used at your own risk.
 The head hostess and entrepreneur is Marja, and in addition to her there are assistant hostesses and hosts. Check out Marja Kasarmi's everyday life on the YouTube channel.