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Family 4 Bed Hostel Room with Shared Bathroom

From €115.90 / d
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Room for four with a double bed (200 cm, can be separated if needed) and an adult-sized bunk bed. The room also has its own water point, lockers and a work desk. Showers and toilets are right next door.

The shared kitchen has plenty of equipment, dishes and cooking utensils, enough cold storage, microwaves, cookers, stove, etc. Marja offers its guests coffee and tea.

The hostel has two shower rooms, one with 3 and the other with 2 showers. Both rooms have hairdryers, soaps, and shampoos. There are 3 separate toilets and one more toilet combined with shower. There is a washing machine on premises.

The hostel has free Wi-Fi. Our guests have access to a free car park with a heating pole. All rooms at the hostel are screen free, but there is a TV in the kitchen.

If you cannot find availability in hotel reservation system, you can make an inquire by calling +358 44 777 0676 or by e-mail marja@huoneistohotellimarja.fi.

If you planning to arrive later than 18:00, please enter the estimated time of arrival in the Comments box when booking.